“Come to the edge.” I said to the children.
“We can't. We're afraid.” They said.
“Come to the edge.” I commanded them again.
“We can't. We will fall!” They replied in a dreadful voice.
“Come to the edge.” I encouraged them this time.
And they came.
And I pushed them.
And they flew.

Dear Parents and Friends,

The lines stated above gives a glimpse of my ideology on education. It is indeed a matter of sincere pleasure and honor to become a member of this great school community. HPS enjoys a rich history of academic and cultural excellence that is the result of a collegial partnership between the school staff and parents who provide a diversity of experiences for the students. I am truly honored and share my excitement to be appointed to this position and am looking forward to working with the dedicated staff to provide the best possible educational program for our students.

After acquiring my Masters in English from Ravishankar University at Raipur, I spent 13 years as a Teacher with leading English medium schools at Raipur. Before joining HPS, my professional career spanned 7 years at real International schools in Saudi Arabia and Dubai where I transacted with children from 12 different countries that were culturally divergent. I held the positions of a teacher, principal, staff trainer in English Language and central office administrator in the past.

The CBSE educational program is the same nationwide but at HPS – CHAMPA, you will find it academically challenging, engaging each student in sports, arts, meditation, public speaking and reasoning, by linking the curriculum to curiosity and to a ‘do it yourself approach’. Child-centered loom to education is the call of the age. I shall strive not to turn our students into a bunch of robots learning by rote. My greatest initiative would be to provide the leadership that will facilitate a school environment to provide differentiated instruction to cater to the needs of individual student to the best of our ability.

Through a close and mutually respectful partnership with everyone associated with HPS, I am confident we can make our school the best place for our students to learn and grow.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not be hesitant to contact or visit me.